Motorcycle news

Tuesday through Saturday 8am to 5pm we are here to help, service, and fix all your bike needs.
Our ridiculously efficient mechanic, Kent Riley, is the man to see. Not only does he have years of professional experience, training, and some serious "southern charm", but we're all pretty sure he has magic powers as well. Stop by and see for yourself. (Oh, did we mention he's a stellar musician too?!)

During the "off-season" (mid Nov through April) we will still be able to service your bikes and help you out by appointment. The store will remain open Tuesday through Saturday and we will order any parts you may want/need. Just look for Gillian (the tall pink haired girl), or John, they will happily order anything you're looking for if it's not currently in stock, &/or let you browse though the endless vendor catalogs so you can see what is out there.